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35mm film review : Kodak 400TX black and white

Here is a new 35mm film review ! You know, I'm not a black and white film person BUT sometimes I do and I mostly do it with the Kodak 400TX. Why is that ? Because my friend Alec from the shop Mic Mac in Lannion (in Brittany, FR) sold me this films for 3 or 4€ when I visit him. It's way more expensive on Amazon
For now I only used this film with my Olympus mju ii zoom 115. Well, I think it's due to the fact that black and white don't deserve my SLR! I'm kidding! I have to use it with my Canon or my Nikon. 
I "only" did 3 rolls of this one. And my best result was during winter, when it's not too sunny. I did one in summer and the contrast wasn't good. Too bright I think. 
Because it's expired, the photos have a lot of grain, but I'm sure it would be okay with new ones (did someone here try it not expired?). 
When should you use Kodak 400TX ?  - Daylight situations / indoor - Street photography - Fall / winter

Here are some photos I made wi…

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