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Welcome on this brand new blog !

Hello everyone ! Here is my very first article ! I feel excited and a little bit nervous about launching a new blog. I'm blogging for 8 years now (since 2011) and it's not the easiest thing to do : create and post several times per week or month. It's pretty audacious (can I say that ?) to launch a blog in 2018 ! There are so many blogs and websites about everything on the internet. But you know what, I do it for myself above all. 
Doing it for myself doesn't mean you nothing to say here. In fact, I would be really happy if you could raise your hand here to tell me if you're reading these words ! Maybe (if you know me from Instagram), you already have expectations or posts ideas you want me to write. Please tell me ! Comment below : say hi or ask anything.

By the way, I have questions : who are you mysterious visitors ? Do I already know you ? IRL or on Instagram ! 

Before ending this first article, let me tell you something : English is not my native language. But I want to try to write a blog in English because I love English, I want this blog to be understandable by everyone and I want to practice. Please, tell me if it's horrible. I'm sure I'm writing like a 5 yo kid ! Maybe I will mix up UK English and American English. 

Can't wait to start to talk about photography (analog and digital), because this is the purpose of Argentique Gal ! 

For those who don't know me, my name is Manon. IRL, I do several things like creating content for the internet, doing web marketing and I'm also an author. I work as a freelancer and I live in Saint-Malo in France. I am almost 30 yo. I love photography and practice for 9 years now. It's me on the picture above. 

Cheese ! and please, say hi ! 


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