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35mm film review : Kodak Gold 200

Here we go, my friends ! Let's start a huge series of blog posts : 35mm film review. You always ask me on Instagram : "which 35mm film should I use ?", "which one is your favorite?" etc... Now, I will be able to send you a link with the explanation !

Let's start with the classic Kodak Gold 200. This film is great for two reasons : easy to find and useful in many daylight situations. 

You can buy this film in nearly all photography shops, prints shop and on the internet of course. Just Google it. The price is approximatively 5€, more or less. 

The Kodak Gold 200 has never let me down ! It was my very first 35mm film. I used it with my Olympus mju ii zoom 115. I was so impressed by the quality of the color, very natural (but a little bit saturated). 

When should you use Kodak Gold 200 ? 
- Daylight situations
- Nature and lifestyle photography
- Spring / summer / fall

Here are 3 pictures I took with this film. Very different (it depends of the camera too). As you can see, it's pretty natural and very "versatile". 

Nikon Fe

Olympus mju ii zoom 115 (first film ever)

Canon A1 (double exposure)

It's maybe not my favorite film, but when I want to be sure of the result, I always choose it. 

Please let me know what do you think about Kodak Gold 200 and which 35mm film review you want to see here ! 


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