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Something that I love with internet is that people can now access information as never before. You have a question ? You can find the answer. You want to create something ? You can do it ! It's amazing and beautiful. 
For so many years, I've followed people all around the world and as a content creator, I know what it's like to create a blog post, a photo, a video... No matter what, it takes time ! Some people make the choice to monetize it by working with companies. I don't want to make that choice now. Because I feel like Argentique Gal is more about a community and a real passion than a business. Maybe later, it will turn as a business, who knows ? Maybe later Argentique will disappear, who knows ? 
For now, I've decided to create a Paypal pool. YES ! I do it and I'm ok about doing it. I receive so many questions on Instagram everyday about analog photography (which camera should I chose ? which roll do you recommend for this and that ? etc) and sometimes some of you ask me IF THEY CAN HELP ME. First time I thought of it I was feeling really bad about asking money... But now, I think it could be a way to help me, to keep my project independent and to involve you in that project. But let's be clear, I'm not begging you, if you don't want to give money (yes let's call a spade, a spade), I won't hold a grudge ! 

Why am I doing this ? 
I am doing this because I want to see the power of the internet. I want to see how people will react to this and most of all, I'm doing this because analog photography is an expensive hobby and I don't do any partnership with any brand or lab or anything. Everything that you see with the name @argentiquegal is made by me, only me. 

How to support me ? 
Just click here and give me what you want. For some of you who aren't really aware of argentique fees, here are a few ones that give an overview of prices : 

- Processing : 10€ per roll
- A camera battery : around 4€
- A 35 mm roll : between 5 and 10€ per roll (it depends on the roll)
- A 120 mm roll : around 10€
- Argentique gal domain name : 12€ per year
- A compact camera : between 5 and 50€
- A reflex camera : between 50 and 90€
- A medium format camera : between 100 and 250€
You can also "buy me a rooibos tea", it costs around 2,50€ in a cafe ! 
Just note that it's not a crowdfunding campaign. I won't send you a flyer with a business card to say thank you ! 

You don't want to give me money but you still want to support me : share my work ! Share my blog, my Instagram account in a story... It helps me a lot ! 

"Wow ! How dare you doing this ?"
I know, some of you may feel surprised about that ! And it's your right. How can I ask for some help for my own projet ? I can understand and if it's too hard for you to accept what I'm doing, please feel free to leave this blog and my Instagram account. Everyone is free :)

I want to be clear that I've already done donation to people on the internet. I've already done that and still do ! I think this new way of doing and thinking can have a huge impact on people life like artists, activists, etc... 

Thanks to all of you for being here from the start and for your kindness !

Cheese ! 


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