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Canon EOS 80D - Editing Lightroom

I know, nobody’s in the mood for a wedding because it’s quite not allowed in most of countries right now (my god, am I writing that ?). BUT I wanted to tell you about my experience and guess what, I wrote this article in November and then I forgot it. I’ve just finished it and I wanted to share, no matter what !

When my brother and my sister-in-law told me they were going to get married, I was super happy for them and then I asked about the wedding photographer. They haven’t thought about it yet, maybe yes, maybe no. I told them that I was totally able to do it! First reaction of my brother : « you’re not a photographer ». Indeed, as I already talked about here, I’m not a real professional photographer because it’s not my job (at least not a full time job) and I have no degrees.
BUT I was totally certain that I was able to do it, it was not the first time I took pictures at an event.
Few weeks after that, my sister-in-law asked me if I was still ok to do it. Hell yeah! And that’s how I became the photographer of my brother’s wedding (and not the sister of the groom) (haha).

First of all, I didn’t want to shoot film that day. Even if I was confident about doing this, I wasn’t so sure about analog. Why ? You know why ! With digital, you can see immediatly if you’re not messing up the memories of the super important day. I chose to shoot digital, and I used my Canon EOS80D. My dear beloved 80D ! I had also with me my Olympus OMD EM 5 Mark ii (more like a just in case camera) and, for fun, my Olympus mju II zoom 115.
I don’t have an extra battery for my 80D and actually it went well (that’s also why I had my OMD EM5 Mark ii with me, I have an extra battery with this one).

Expectations VS reality
Of course, I enjoyed a lot doing it because I’m super happy of the result but when the D-DAY was there, I was quite stressed out ! I realised that I had a huge responsability during 2 days. If I wasn’t able to do it properly, people would have think that I’m not a photographer, I’m just the little sister, playing with a big camera. But if I’d do it good, it would be my chance to prove my passion !! Weird thoughts ? Hey it’s not that easy to be kind of the artist of the family.

I took 800 pictures and kept 250 of them! I litteraly spend 2 days shouting ! Shooting a tone ! Shooting a tone ! During the ceremony (not at the church hopefully) I had so many troubles to have a picture where everybody looked OK. Everybody was moving like I was not there. It’s good BUT I should have told them « think of the camera », « look at me sometimes », « don’t go to fast ».
I forgot to give some tips !

Then it was outside and it was super sunny. It was perfect ! But same, people were living their life, they didn’t care about the camera. So I took a decision, I would do my best and it will be only « on the moment pictures ». Because I learned something about myself that day : it’s too difficult for me to go to people, asked them to take the pose, then shout them, then leave them. For some people, I didn’t even know their names !

I made some pictures of the groom and the bride also, on the beach. It was quite magical even if I had to struggle with people having bath sun ! No one would like to have people wearing horrible swimsuits on their wedding pictures right? It was quite difficult to do it because the groom and the bride were super busy that day so we litteraly took 15 minutes to do it. 15 minutes to chose the spot, do the settings, shoot! Well... not easy ! Especially when you feel that you have to do it quickly!

I made also a picture of everybody. It was before the dinner, the sun was quite low at that moment but people were missing. We made a first picture with « not everybody », then we made another one with everybody. It was not easy because for the second one I had to go super quickly due to the decreasing light, so the groom and the bride were not in the middle ! Oh my god ! I also lost my voice : « DO THIS, DO THAT, SMILE, 1, 2, 3 ! »

When I came back to my hotel at 2am, I was so exhausted but the day after, I was up at 9am and having a look at my pictures. I was so so so happy ! I was like : « yes babe I made it »
It’s funny because I was proud of my work and my pictures looked like my usual pictures in a way... I don’t know if you know that feeling!

So the second day was way easier because I was sure I was able to handle it. And you know, it was only the day after, so less pressure !

I think it took me like 24h to sort and edit the photos. Then I sent them to the lovers and they were super happy too !

So, here my 10 tips to know if you commit to be the wedding photographer for someone of your family :
⁃ Know that you won’t enjoy the party like everybody else
⁃ Know that people will think that taking pictures is super easy (only pressing a button right?), people are not used to settings and light troubles
⁃ Talk to the bride and the groom before the ceremony
⁃ Have different SD cards, I had one for the ceremony, one for the party, one the next day (if I had a problem with one of them, I won’t lose everything)
⁃ Don’t be afraid to ask people to « fake » something because you want the shot for the bride and the groom
⁃ If you have long hair, make sure to have the perfect hairstyle because it can be super annoying ! Thanks to my sister in law, my hair wasn’t a problem
⁃ Have an outfit you’ll be confortable with. I had a super long dress, it was super comfy but also super sexy when I was making some mouvement to get the right angle. Oops !
⁃ Present yourself to people. I didn’t do it and I regret it. Daaamn ! Why am I so shy ?
⁃ Trust yourself. Your pictures are gonna be amazing ! And if not, you don’t care, people didn’t pay you !
⁃ Don’t drink to much, or at least, too early. You have to take these photos !

So this was my experience ! A lot of stress, but I was quite proud afterwards. Like after a huge workout (I did it! Yaaaas).
If I have to do it again? Shall I accept? Not sure because enjoying your beloveds’ weddings is quite something... But making amazing pictures is quite something as well !

Here some pictures of the wedding : 

Olympus mju ii zoom 115 - Kodak Ektar 100 - For the privacy, faces have been blured

Canon EOS 80D - Editing Lightroom

Def my favorite !!! I did that ! Canon EOS 80D - Editing Lightroom

Canon EOS 80D - Editing Lightroom

Canon EOS 80D - Editing Lightroom

Please share your experience as well ! I’m super curious to know if some of you have already experienced this.

Cheese ! 


  1. I really love your photos. Can you share how you edited your photos with Lightroom. The color looks very cinematic <3. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much ! I used presets I bought years ago haha But yes I should talk about it here !

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