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3 tips for beginners

I take pictures for 10 years now. I learned everything by myself but it took me a lot of time because I didn't know how to learn and what was important about photography. Let me explain... The first time I had my pink compact camera I was only thinking : I have a camera. A camera takes pictures and I don't need to know anything about that because it's too difficult. First thing if you're reading this and you just start photography : photography is the easiest thing on Earth ! I mean, of course, sometimes it's quite complicated but the basics are SO EASY. And here are 3 tips to help you to deal with your new hobby : 

- A camera is like your own eye. Did you notice that you close your eyes every 2 or 3 seconds ? And your pupil, it's bigger when it's dark and smaller when it's sunny. Comparing your eyes to your camera will help you to understand how it works.

Photo by oldskool photography on Unsplash

- The lighting : photography is about a man or a woman, a camera and the lighting. Consider the lighting like a real material that you can feel, touch and see. The lighting for photography is like oxygen. If you have plenty of it, well it's great, you can almost do what you want. But, if not, you have to deal with it and find some solutions : maybe a flash or ISO or aperture or shutter speed...


- And that's my third tip ! Google this : "what is ISO", "what is aperture" and "what is shutter speed". You have to learn this before anything. And the first two tips will be extremely simple and obvious.

Is it to easy ? Maybe I should do a bigger post and explain what is ISO etc... But a lot of people already did this and if I knew this 3 things when I started photography, I would have been more confident about what I was doing. And not just the "point and shoot" weird thing. Point and shoot cameras are great but it's better if you understand how it works. A cake is more than a cake when you know how it was made. 

Please share in comment your tips ! What has helped you to become a good photographer ?

Cheese ! 


  1. My first tip for beginners in analog photography would be to always have a notebook. For each photo shot, the speed, the aperture and the focus point (meters set on the focus ring) have to be written. There's a reason why one should do so: analog camera have no Exif (informations about the camera settings). So this is the only way how one will learn. These notes will help to know, for example, which mistakes should not be done again. Your small notebook is your best friend when shooting film.


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