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Let's talk about money and film photography

Picture made with my CANON EOS 80D and 24 mm lens
Before starting film photography, I used to think that it was very expensive. Because I was thinking that film photography means photo prints (read my blog post about it). So I want to share with you what is the real cost of film photography. Of course, I will share my own experience, I live in France, maybe in your country the prices are different. Feel free to share your experience too. 


It depends of the camera. Film photography is kind of fashionable today so prices are soaring. The price of success BUT here some average price :

- Compact cameras like Olympus mju : you can find this kind of cameras at a flea market for 5€, maybe less. But on the internet, it's another price : approximatively around 50-70€. Please, Don't spend more money on it...

- SLR cameras like Canon AE1 : at a flea market, around 30€. On the internet, around 150€ with a 50 mm lens.

I don't know for the medium format... I have already seen a Rolleiflex at 500€. 
I'm also dreaming of a Contax camera, but the price is crazy (around 600€). 
When analog is more expensive than digital ahah. 


There is two types of 35mm films : new ones and expired ones. So, there are two prices ! 
An expired film find at a flea market does not cost a lot of money ! You don't know how the film has been saved. I use to pay them 1 to 3€. 1€ is like for a classic film like Kodak Gold or Fujifilm Superia. 3€ is for rare films (not produced anymore for example).
Concerning new 35 mm film, it totally depends of the film : for example Afga Vista Plus is really cheap, like 3 or 4€. But Kodak Portra 400 is more like 7€. It depends of the reseller too ! Please compare if you can before buying.  


I have only one experience about film processing and developing. I actually pay 5€ for 1 film, only developing, no scan or print. 
Concerning prints, the shop where I develop my film propose different formats and prices : 0,40€ for 10 x 15, 0,80€ for 13 x 18, 1,30€ for 15 x 20 and 6,80€ for 20 x 30. 
Please let me a comment with the price you pay for the different services ! It would be great to compare together. 

Thank you for reading this blog post, feel free to comment and share your experience as well. 

Cheese ! 


  1. Hi! I’m living in Barcelona and i pay 12€ to develop and scan (cause I don’t have one, I saw you have one and I want to buy a scan to do it myself)

    Also the Kodak portra is like 11€ and the expired ones like 3/4€.

    Thanks for your post (:


  2. I live Germany and I was developing at DM (drug store) and I was paying 10€ for developing+scan (in CD)+ photos. I realised that it was too much and I didn’t wanted the physical photos. I found a local camera store where they only developed C41 films for 5€. I was developing there and scanning it myself. It was still a lot of money because I was shooting a lot. All these changed when I stated developing myself. I started with black and white and later colour. I highly recommend everyone to develop film at home. It’s such an easy process. You can develop and scan in an hour. It was such a monumental difference compared to a week of wait in a drug store! Additionally, it’s so much fun to develop at home. You’ll experiment with a lot of new recipes. It’s fun!

    1. Thanks for your comment Joshua and I actually want to try.... Thanks for your feedback !


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