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camera review : Canon EOS 80D

Hello people and welcome back for a new blog post! Have you noticed that I posted a lot recently? Yeah, it's great! Today I won't talk about analog photography but more about digital photography with a camera review of my baby : the Canon EOS 80D. Launched in 2016, I bought this camera a year ago. So 2 years after the release. Crazy, huh? But you know what, I don't care about "I need the brand new camera". After 10 years of taking pictures and buying cameras, I can tell that "the newest" doesn't mean "the best".

Why I bought this camera ?
I have a hybrid camera for 3 years now (the Olympus OMD EM5 Mark ii) and I'm pretty happy with it BUT I was really missing the feeling, the sensation of holding a "big camera". A real DSLR. As you know, I used to have a Canon EOS 6D, but it has been stolen few years ago. Losing 1600€ like that was quite a shock, I didn't want to spend so much money on a DSLR again, even if it's a full frame. Medium range looked like a good option. I spent so many times on the internet, watching videos, reading articles, comparing cameras... I don't remember why but the 80D was the best for me. Good quality, good weight, good in my hands.

Which lens I chose ?
I ask you on Instagram guys which one was the best. The 80D isn't a full frame and I'm not a lens collector, so I wanted something good for portrait, and good for landscape. Canon 24mm 2.8 lens was the best option ! According to the price although. What I love the most about this lens is that you can be very very very very close to what you shoot. Very close. It's amazing ! Like a macro!

What I love about the Canon EOS 80D ?

When I got it, I was preparing a road trip in the mountain. So when I started using it, I was literally in the best condition to try a new camera. I bought a CPL Polarizing Filter from Gobe to be sure that the contrast will be nice. Such a useful thing ! I really recommend it ! Well, the quality of the photo was amazing, the camera is really easy to use, really light and easy to carry. I was so happy to feel this shape in my hand again. I have to admit that even if the Olympus is a really good one, the 80D was better during this trip, and even today... According to me, the only difference is about the ease of use. If you are an absolute beginner, maybe a hybrid camera will be the best option. My boyfriend prefer the Olympus because it's way less easy to use when it comes to "half-manual". The 80D is more... fickle! The 80D is at his best in Manual Mode.
Another thing that I really appreciate is the screen. Great for self portrait haha!

Well, as we say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Here some photos (not edited) I made with it last year during my trip in the South of France (Pyrénées) :

And I wanted to show you two photos with 2 different cameras : one with the Olympus OMD EM5 Mark ii and one with the 80D. Tell me which one you prefer in comment! I'm so curious !
On the left : Canon EOS80 - On the right : Olympus OMD EM5 Mark ii

That's all for today ! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And if you're here because I ask yourself if you should or not buy the 80D, well maybe there are better cameras outside, but for now this one is a very good friend to me!



  1. I have to say 80d. Ergonomics are super important for me in photography, and Canon just nails it. Also, I prefer the 80d's jpegs over Olympus. Just my opinion!

    1. Thank you so much Thomas for your comment ! I have to say that I prefer the 80D's jpg as well xD


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