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35mm film review : Kodak 400TX black and white

Here is a new 35mm film review ! You know, I'm not a black and white film person BUT sometimes I do and I mostly do it with the Kodak 400TX. Why is that ? Because my friend Alec from the shop Mic Mac in Lannion (in Brittany, FR) sold me this films for 3 or 4€ when I visit him. It's way more expensive on Amazon

For now I only used this film with my Olympus mju ii zoom 115. Well, I think it's due to the fact that black and white don't deserve my SLR! I'm kidding! I have to use it with my Canon or my Nikon. 

I "only" did 3 rolls of this one. And my best result was during winter, when it's not too sunny. I did one in summer and the contrast wasn't good. Too bright I think. 

Because it's expired, the photos have a lot of grain, but I'm sure it would be okay with new ones (did someone here try it not expired?). 

When should you use Kodak 400TX ? 
- Daylight situations / indoor
- Street photography
- Fall / winter

Here are some photos I made with the Kodak 400TX and my mju ii zoom 115. I really love these photos, even if one of them is really blurry. I LOVE THEM! If you don't, it's not my problem. That's why I like this film, not too expensive (for me), the result is quite "raw" you know and the contrast is good when it's not too sunny. 

But tell me, what is your favorite b&w film? I definitely should learn more about it ! I think I used a Ilford at the really beginning of my "analogue journey". Yes ! Here. Here. Here. Mmmh not that bad neither, huh? Sharper, sharper! yes!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to ask me questions!



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