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Scan your negatives with SilverFast 8 (and Epson V550)

Hello hello ! As you know, since I updated my macbook with Catalina, I had to update my scanner software too. I have an Epson V550 and I used the software EPSON SCAN. Since Apple updated their system, it's no longer available and now we have to use SilverFast 8 (F**ck!). 

Before anything, you'll find information about that change on the Epson website, by clicking here
And if you have the Epson V550, you can download SilverFast 8 here !
Besides, if you have more question, just ask Google of course ! Haha no I'm kidding, please comment below and I'll be pleased to help you as much as I can. 

Well let's get back on track. What was I saying ? SilverFast 8 is a pain in the a$$ ! For sure ! 
Epson Scan was not the fanciest software ever, this one is worse. And please if you want a full explanation about it, watch this video on Youtube
This blog post is more about a "quick starter", a "I want to scan my film rn".  

And if you want to learn more about how I scan my negatives, you can also read this blog post

First thing first, cut your roll, clean your scan and get ready ! 

OK now open SilverFast 8. You'll see this. Sorry all my screenshots are in French but I'm quite sure you'll handle it. 

What's really important on this software is what I circled in red. Let's start with these, below.

  • Transparence : click on Transparence
  • Négatif : click on Négatif
  • The icon with a Palm Tree : select 48 -> 24 Bit
I don't remember if you have to select these before or after pre-scan. Because yes, sometimes if you do something after pre-scan, it won't take it in account, so please, in case do it ! 

Then : PRE-SCAN (here "prénumériser" in French) 

 Once it's done, click on "Cadre" and Click on "Recherche des cadres and Porte Pellicule 35 mm"

Then the software is going to « cut » automatically the preview of the film
You’ll have to check after that because it’s barely impossible for the software to do it perfectly. 
Each pictures appears as cut. When it's in red, it means the picture is selected (if you want to adjust some settings).

Then, I check the size and everything. Here are my settings : 

Then you’ll be able to correct some stuff via the software, I have to admit it’s not that easy. Because sometimes it takes in account for all pictures and sometimes just one picture. I'm not gonna lie, I'm still a beginner here, so you'll probably experience that too. Here are the settings I use the most. But not each time. Because to me it's quite difficult to adjust. I prefered Epson Scan for that, or I use Lightroom.

Contrast of course ! 

This setting below is about dust on the pictures. It's not bad at all, even if I often don't care if I have dust on my pictures. But you know, I'm me, you are you ! 

And then, the classic ! Very helpful when your pictures are too blue, or green, or yellow. 

Once you're done with the setting (and if you don't want to use it, just skip it), you are ready to scan ! 

So click on SCAN "ALL" (here "Numérisation par lots"). The button usually says SCAN and it will scan only one picture (the one selected in red), if you click on the small arrow on the bottom right, you can select "SCAN ALL" and it will scan all your pictures ;) It's going to ask you where you want to put the files and then click on "Numériser". 

 When it's scanning, you'll see this on the bottom left of your screen. Now open Netflix and chill until it's done.

I think it's quite all ! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and please if you have any questions, comments, etc please comment below ! This blog definitely misses some comments. Are you reading this ? Then comment "yes" and I'll know you're here ! 

Cheese ! 


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