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I WAS WRONG ! About the Contax T2

LEFT : Scanned with EPSON V550 - RIGHT : Scanned with Nikon Super Coolscan 9000

OMG guys, you have NO IDEA what happened to me lately... I'm in the middle of a huggggeee crisis ! An analog photography crisis. 

Let's get a step back. I bought a Contax T2 few weeks ago. I've shot my first roll (Kodak Portra 400) and I was a bit disappointed... I told you about it on my previous blog post

So I was ready to learn more about the Contax T2. Because before shooting my first roll, I didn't know so much about it, of course ! As anybody with a new camera, right ?


Last weekend, my dear dear friends @monoeilargentique and @soyoh invited us (me and my bf) for a "Cocktails & Scanning party" (we used to do "Pizzas & Processing party" as well). They suggested me to come with my first Contax roll and to scan it with their SUPER COOL super coolscan nikon 9000 ! And with their Coolscan V ED (spoiler alert : I went back home with this one). 

I was a bit desperate like "oh guys you know my first roll is really not great". Almost a bit ashamed but you know @monoeilargentique and @soyoh are my friends, so I trusted them ! 

And then the 1st picture was scanned : I almost spited out my wine. 

10th picture : I spited out my cocktail.

THE cocktail — omg it was delicous (strawberries, gin, cava and rose)

EACH PICTURE LOOKED (almost) PERFECT ! The good ones were very good ! The shitty ones were good. 

LEFT : Scanned with EPSON V550 - RIGHT : Scanned with Nikon Super Coolscan 9000

Why ? because as @monoeilargentique said : A GOOD LENSE DESERVES A GOOD SCANNER.

As you know, I've been using my V550 scanner for years now and I was quite happy of it but I didn't realize how the quality of the scanner can have an impact on my pictures. Since few months, I could feel I was not improving anymore my skills in analog photography and I was quite frustrated... 

NOW, I know why ! My current scanner reached the limit of my expectations !

Now please enjoy some of my pictures with my Contax T2. 

As you can see my pictures are super sharp ! The lense is def excellent ! I just need now to practice with the camera, experiment the different settings, and also what I'm shooting because for this first roll, I literally went outside and took everything in pictures just to try it :)

Here are 3 huge differences I noticed by scanning my roll with the Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 and the Nikon Coolscan V : 

  • The sharpness : it blows my mind how the pictures looked way sharper ! 
  • The dust : The V550 is a pain in the *bip* when it's about dust. Here, it's way easier to get rid of dust. 
  • The color : I think it's also due to the software VueScan but the color are better. To me, the colors are more realistic... And then you can of course edit the pictures to make it your own style. Like digital. 

So, what do you think ? Did some of you already had this "scanner crisis" at some point ? 

Cheese ! 


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