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Where can I buy analog cameras ?

I received DMs asking this quite often on Instagram. Where can I find this camera or that camera ? Where do you buy your analog cameras ? 

As you know, I bought a Contax T2 few days ago. I shared with you my first roll here on my blog. Buying this (expensive) camera made me realize that I changed my way of finding an analog camera.


I was more like "I don't want to spend more than 20 euros in an analog cameras". It's almost true. I spent 50 euros in my Canon AE1 Program and 175 euros in my Yashica medium format. BUT it gives you my spirit at that moment : the cheaper is the better. 


When I decided to buy a Contax T2 I knew that I have 2 options : 

- Buying it to a random person on the internet

- Buying it to a professional 

I realized, as I was looking for it on Internet, that there is a lot of online shops now with a huge range of analog cameras. And I want to share a list with you : 

I bought my Contax T2 and an Olympus XA2 to this shop. It offers a 3 months warranty and the delivery was super fast (Amsterdam to Amsterdam, of course). The prices are pretty fair to me ! 

I've never bought a camera here but the choice is quite crazy !

Same, I've never bought a camera here but a friend did and was happy of it. 

It's a French store based in Paris. 

It's a Spanish shop. I was super close to shop my Contax T2 here but finally it wasn't possible because my request was too picky. All cameras are 6 months warranty. 

Based in Belgium. All cameras are 6 months warranty. 

I've discovered it literally today ! It's an Instagram account with some point and shoot to sell. Based in France.

If you want to buy or sell a camera "from people to people" : 

- In the Netherlands, you can check Marktplaats :

- In France, it's Le Bon Coin :

- In the UK, it's Gumtree :

And of course FACEBOOK ! There is a lot of Facebook groups about buying / selling analog cameras.

My advice before buying

Always ask questions ! Ask for more pictures, or about the condition of the camera, if it's boxed or not, what is the condition, mint or not. Ask as well about the delivery (the tracking option is highly recommended). Sometimes, as we are all part of the great analog community, we trust people too quickly. Asking a question or two is not a crime and will help you to figure it out if you're doing a good deal. 

How can I know that I'm paying the good price ? 

Check on Ebay, or the website I shared above. Ask a friend who knows about analog cameras. But always trust your gut ! If I've had listened to people on Instagram about the Contax T2, I would have never bought it, but I knew it was a fair price and I knew I wanted to try it. Don't let people makes you believe your choice is not a good choice. 

Here are the prices I paid for some of my cameras (to give you a hint) : 

- Canon AE1 (body) : 50 euros (good condition) - in 2018

- Canon A1 (with a 50mm 1.8 lense) : 75 euros (the door of the battery was broken, I realized it later) - in 2018

- Yashica MAT 124G : 175 euros (mint condition) - in 2019

- Olympus mju ii Zoom 115 : 50 euros (near mint condition) - in 2017

- Contax T2 : 930 euros (near mint condition) - in 2021

Feel free to share your tips as well ! Prices, online shop, second hand website... And if you enjoyed this blog post, please share it to your friends / community ! 

Cheese ! 


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