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My first roll with my Contax T2 (Kodak Portra 400)

Hi guys ! As I told you on Instagram I was looking for a Contax T2 since few weeks. If I'm honest with you, I was wanting it for years but I was so afraid of the price. Hum. I'm thinking of the price of a Contax in 2017... I should have... Well, don't talk about it. 

So, I bought it ! And you can see my first impressions on my Instagram

Tonight (yes, it's a real life, right now blog post) I have scanned my first roll. For this first roll, I took note of every settings I have used for each picture. I wanted to share the result with you. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit disappointed but I know why. 

1) I should have read the instruction manual first. (NO ! I see you and I know that you always try a camera BEFORE reading the manual)

2) It was my very first time with this camera.

Here are my 37 pictures. I used a Kodak Portra 400. I did 2 really pictures to me. The cat (portrait format) and the LV bag. The one with the ice cream is great too, especially the detail of the skin. You'll see. 

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts ! I'm quite curious.

Here are the different settings of the camera + the exposure compensation dial that I forgot to photograph haha

To explain a little bit my settings choice : 

- I really wanted to experiment the exposure compensation. I watched a video of a guy saying that he was most of the time shooting with +1ev and I realize that to me it's not always the best result.

- I try a lot as well the infinity focus for landscape but nothing crazy came out to me. Maybe it works better for a very large landscape like mountains or desert. Don't know. 

- I try the two flash mode. But the "double flash" setting is definitely for red eyes. It doesn't change anything apart from that. 

Now, let the pictures talk :)

Here, I can't see real big difference. The picture is quite OK but not crazy.

To me, all of these pictures is shit :)

Same here. Not good. The light was quite complicated. It was quite early in the morning.

The first one is better to me. The exposure compensation was def not needed.

Same here. Exposure compensation not needed at all. 

No comment. Not good. 

Here you can clearly see that there is no difference between the two flash mode.

Not good to me. 

I realize here how I messed up the focus with my hand...

Watch the hand ! Crazy huh ?

At least, the strawberries were good.


The auto focus is shit here. 

The first one is my second fav !

Not so terrible... What do you think ?

Frustration. FRUSTRATION ! Autofocus, come on !

It's shit. I wanted to finish the roll.

No comment. 

Mmmmh... Red eyes ! And not great.

Last but not least. I have to admit that this one was def for finishing the roll and it went quite well as it's in my bathroom so artificial light, it was early morning... So, not bad. Except the scanning, thanks to me :)

Here we are. So tell me now, what do you think ? Any tips ? Except "read the instruction manual" hahahaha

I wish you all a nice evening and a nice weekend if you're reading this right now (the 2nd of April around 10pm, yes I have a crazy evening life). 

Cheese !


  1. Very nice first review of the T2. I try to not compare my photos taken with the T2 to ones taken with other (cheaper) cameras. I always have a few out of focus, which to me is okay The T2 is more about inspiring me to think a bit more about composition and subject. I like the design and build quality and under the right circumstances it achieves really amazing results, which overall justify the price for me.
    I should have sold you one of mine, but sadly forgot to reply to you.
    Looking forward to see more of your photos.

    1. Hi Mike ! Thank you for your comment :)
      What you say is so true and really inspiring. Thank you !

  2. "Frustration. FRUSTRATION ! Autofocus, come on !" this is why manual focus is better. But before that, you should measure the light, set your camera at 5.6 for the aperture, then choose the speed according to your aperture to get the right exposure, set your focus around 3 or 4 meters and you're good to go. Depth of field is the key and not just for the bokeh that so many people are obsessed with.
    Autofocus aren't really that fast for street photography. Manual focus takes way too much time. This is why when you go for a street shooting, prepare such a setting before shooting (of course pay attention if in different places the light is changing) so you'll just have to care about your composition. You can shoot that way in street photography even with camera like TLR that many people will tell you is not practical for street photography.


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