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Olympus mju : which one is the best ?

First of all, I want to tell you a short story : it was about 2 years ago, I was following on Instagram two "it-girls" (Jeanne Damas and Betty Autier). They are fashion influencers. I used to love their style a lot. Actually I still love what they do. They both had an Olympus mju. And I remember I thought : I need the same camera. So, if I chose Olympus mju, it was not because I wanted a special photography feature, or because I wanted a compact camera. It was only because some influencers influenced my choice.

I am telling you that because I want to be real with you guys and maybe some of you have already being influenced by someone ! 

I bought my very first Olympus mju in July 2017. It was my beautiful and lovely Olympus mju ii zoom 115. I have a friend who have a huge collection of analog cameras and he sold it to me for 50€. With hindsight, I can say it was a little bit expensive, because I didn't know the difference between "with and without zoom" thing. 

It was my first mju and my first love. And my first analog camera. I totally felt in love with this camera because every pictures I made with it was great ! It was the beginning of Argentique Gal because of it. BUT, I didn't take care of it. I dropped it so many times. In March this year, I dropped it for the last time. It didn't look broken but when I develop the film, I saw that the viewfinder had a problem. 

Next ! 

I had the huge chance to find 3 Olympus mju at a flea market : 
- Olympus mju iii zoom 110 
- Olympus mju iii zoom 150
- Olympus mju i 

I bought them 5 euros each. The first one was broken. I have been able to use it once, but there was a problem with the flash. I tried to repair it by myself. The result was not great, that's why there is some tape on it. I keep it because, who knows ! 

The second one is my favorite today ! It's approximatively the same than my first one with a bigger zoom. 

And the last one is brand new. I made only one film with it and unfortunately I have some issues with it : I had a lot of blurred photos. I think it comes from my use. I have to work on it. 

Which one is the best ? I can't tell... they are all good ! Olympus mju are easy to use, compact and the result is always great. Of course, the Canon A1 is better. Reflex are better than compact. BUT when you don't want to think about the settings etc... mju is great ! 

If you want an Olympus mju : you can find them at a flea market or on Ebay. For French people, you can go to Le Bon Coin. And via Facebook group dedicated to analog photography. 

Here some pictures I made with the different models : 




OLYMPUS MJU i (black one)

If you have any questions, please comment below (fyi when I answer your question, I use the name (my real name actually) Manon Lecor and not Argentique Gal).

And I have a question for you : what is your favorite compact analog camera ?

Cheese !


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