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3 tips for composing the perfect photo

Myself - Canon EOS 80D

Few days ago I asked you on Instagram about this blog... If you've already read it, if you knew I have a blog... And I asked you if you had any ideas for the next blog post. One of you asked me about "composing". As a self-made photographer, composing is a little bit abstract. I've never learned photography... No, I lie ! I've been learning it by myself for ten years. I want to share with you my "very personal advices" about composing the perfect photo.

Tip n°1
Focus on what you want ! If you want to take a photo of a car, or a sofa, or a person, or a mountain : FOCUS ON IT exclusively. Few years ago, I worked for a company. This company made furnitures and I was "the photographer". I was so desperate because I had to take photos of the furnitures (like a sideboard or a chair) in a real life situation, with a lot of trinkets, decorations you know... There were so many stuff that I forgot to focus on the furniture. My bosses were not really happy of the photos, and one of them told me (very kindly) : focus on the furniture. It was the best advice I've ever had ! Now, when I want to take a photo, I ask myself : what do you want to have on your photos ? Is it the sky ? Is it the bird in the sky ? Is it the street ? etc... When I know, then I stay focus on it !

Tip n°2 
Hold your camera straight ! Even if you shoot horizontally and vertically ! Try to find a vertical line in the photo, like the edge of a wall and keep it parallel to the edge of the viewfinder. It helps a lot to have a nice result and to avoid any distortion. Of course, a tripod can help but I think you have to learn to handle it by yourself.

Tip n°3
The center of your photo is not always your subject. What I always do is to move with my camera. I watch the world through my camera and that way I can imagine different framings and when I find the good one, I know it. No theory, no explanation, you know when it's time to shoot ! Maybe this tip sounds weird, but I truly think that your camera has to become a part of your face. Your camera is your eye, it's important to learn to watch with this third eye.

And most important, never forget to trust yourself, to try things ! It's the only way to find your own style. I don't want to learn photography, I want to feel it, to live it on my own. I'm not saying that theory about photography is boring ! I'm just saying that to be creative, we need to feel free with our work.

Feel free to leave a comment below ! I'd love to know your own tips, if we share or not the same way of taking photos.

Cheese !


  1. thank you :) always sharing cool info for newbies!

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