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Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of people

 I don't know about you but I love to read books about photography. BUT it's really hard to find good ones when you have already some photography skills. I heard so much about the books of Henry Carroll (here it's the French version) (in English it's Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of people) that I wanted to read it. Did I learn something ? Suspens... 

Well yes, I learned some stuff. The things I appreciate the most about this book was the fact that the author don't talk about "theory". A little bit, but only for good things like aperture, or materials, but he said again and again : do what you want with your camera. He talks about cameras too. Full frame is not the only thing on Earth. He took the example of a war reporter that used his phone as a camera to be discreet and with a good phone, you can take really good photographs. 

Do I recommend you this book ? The main subject is about photographs of people. I bought the other book about landscape (I'll do a review too if you want). I think that, even if it's dedicate to portrait, the author talks about a lot of important stuff regarding photography, and it's really interesting. If you want to discover new photographers (Henry Carroll illustrate his words with a lot of photographers), if you want to learn more about the law when you do street photography and took pictures of strangers. Buy it ! Not really expensive and it's a nice book. 
I hope guys, you like this post. I took the picture of the book with my Canon 80D and my 24 mm lens (Av mode), I touched up them with Lightroom.

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