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35mm film review : Fujifilm Superia 200

This is the second 35mm film review ! And I want to talk about one of my favorite 35mm film. Some of you asked me : "why do you love Fujifilm Superia 200 ?", well I made my best pictures with that film and it reminds me a good moment, so MAYBE my opinion isn't objective... BUT now you know, I'll do my best to be impartial.
Maybe, we can say that the Fujifilm Superia 200 is the same as Kodak Gold 200. Kodak VS Fujifilm. And it's true, due to the similar ISO (I think for analog photography I should say ASA). But the Superia 200 is quite hard to find. I don't know actually if Fujifilm stopped produced it or not. In France, it's mostly impossible to find, only on flea markets.
I can't advise you a good price. I think it's not an expensive film, but to due his rarity, it can be expensive. Never forget that you should not pay a lot for film on flea markets !
I used the Superia 200 with point and shoot and SLR camera. My best result was with my Canon A1…

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