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The best straps for your cameras

Hello hello ! Today I want to talk about straps ! It's quite a thing to me because a strap is like the seat belt of your camera. When you shoot digital, most of the time you have the strap included. Remember, that super uncomfortable and stiff Canon / Olympus / Nikon strap ? No I'm kidding, it did the job even if I've always preferred to have "my own strap". When it comes to analog, it's different. Most of the time, especially for SLR, when you buy a camera, you don't get the strap to go with. You have to buy it separately. So here are my fav straps (approved for a long time) : 

The rope strap :

I have this one for 4 years now and I'm super happy of it ! I love the style, and it's super reliable. I love that it's very "malleable", so very handy ! And you can carry your camera on the shoulder or crossbody.

The only thing you have to know is it's not SUPER comfortable if you planned to have your camera around your neck all day long. It's still a rope you know. And it depends of the weight of your camera of course. 

The leather strap :

I bought this one for 2 of my cameras ! It's the best strap ever to me because it's reliable, pretty, subtle... As the previous one, if you planned to have your camera around your neck all day maybe it's not the most comfortable BUT you can carry it on the shoulder or crossbody and it's super convenient. 

The most comfortable strap EVER :

I bought this strap before going for a week of hiking in the French Pyrenees in 2018. I knew I was going to walk several hours and I wanted something comfy around my neck. It was during summer so it was hot. I really liked this strap because it didn't keep me warm, even if I was sweating quite a lot, it was super ok, and most important, my Canon EOS 80D felt light like a feather ! 

The hand strap for compact camera :

I have to admit that hand straps are to me the best option BUT you can't use it for a SLR (according to me). I only use it for my compact camera. I used to have digital compact cameras (Canon G7X, Ricoh GR2) and at that time I was using hand straps, and still today with my Olympus MJU and my Contax. For my Contax, I have a quite "long one" so I can were it around my neck if I want to even if it's not super comfortable but it's convenient ! 

So that's it for today ! Hope you appreciated this blog post. Feel free to share in comments which one is your favorite ! If you're more into hand strap or super comfy strap ! 

Cheese ! 


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