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How to scan your films with VueScan ?

Ok, I started using VueScan for few months now. Thanks to my friends @monoeilargentique and @soyoh ! It's not a free software BUT it's definitely the best scanning software I've ever used. And I tried the Epson software and the SilverFast one. 

So I wanted to share with you my experience with it. To me, it's the easiest solution right now. 

As a reminder, I'm using this software with my Macbook Pro MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.5

This is how the software looks when you open it. So pretty simple. You have different Tabs, and I'm mostly using "Input" - "Color" - "Output"

These are my settings for the "Input" tabs : 

Of course the "Color Negative" depends of what you are scanning. You can set as Black and White or Slide Film. 

For the preview, I put 500 dpi to have it quicker, and then 2000 for the scan. You can ask for more, but it will be longer. It depends of what are you going to do with your pictures. Each time I'm like "I should do more" and then I don't have a time and I feel like if I need someday to print my film, I'll just scan them again. 

It's here as well where you can ask the scanner to "PREVIEW" or "SCAN" all the pictures at the same time (Batch Scan ON) or if you prefer to preview / scan one picture at a time (Batch Scan OFF).

This is my Output settings. You can do what you want here BUT here are my settings. I use JPG because I'm not good at all this different type of images and at some point I'm just posting on Instagram, but here you can really ask any format you want. 

Once you're ok with your Input and Output setting, you can click on PREVIEW and check your pictures.
This is my fav part as the "Color" tab allows you to edit a bit your pictures. You have different sort of settings, you can even choose the settings according to your roll. I tried this sometimes but to me it has an impact on the final picture (the quality mostly, it can be grainy). 
The settings I use are : 

In Color Balance, I choose between Auto Levels or White Balance. It depends of the picture. See below the difference : 

And then you just have to click on SCAN and let the magic happens ! 

See, it's quite easy. I've never gone too far with this software. I've never done any manual settings as to me the White balance settings and the Auto Levels settings are REALLY good and if I need more, I just edit my pictures afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed that blog post ! Let me know if you have any questions :) I'll be happy to answer.

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Cheese ! 


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